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Welcome to the SilkRoute home page. This project is an implementation of the algorithm described in the following paper.


This project allows a user to define an XML view over a relational database. Other users or programs can they query the data by issuing XQueries


SilkRoute uses the following software:
Galax--a reference implementation XQuery engine (note: silkroute has been tested and developed with Galax version 0.3.0. Later versions are not supported at this time. Please check for updates soon).
OCaml--since the distribution contains source code, you will need to build it yourself
A Database Engine: Silkroute has been tested with Postgresql and MySQL. Other engines should work as long as you find an OCaml driver for them or they support ODBC.
OCaml drivers: The most generic driver you can pick is the OCamlODBC driver. Silkroute has been tested with version 2.6. OCaml bindings for Postgres's libpq are available here (I've zipped a version in the tar for the inexperienced users, feel free to build and install from the author's site).

Contact Information:

Yana Kadiyska